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Bus Rules & Regulations

If your child is scheduled to be a regular passenger on one of our buses, please read the rest of this passage very carefully. Bus transportation is provided by authority of the Board of Directors. The safety of every student on our buses is of great concern to all of us. Every precaution is taken to see that students arrive safely at their destination. Students will be expected to keep the buses clean and damage free.

The bus driver has a great deal of responsibility. They have to keep their mind on their driving. If they are worried about student misbehavior on the bus, they cannot be a safe driver. Anything that distracts the driver's attention immediately endangers the safety of the passengers. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that the students riding the bus conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

In order to operate a safe, efficient and economical transportation program it is absolutely necessary that all passengers observe the bus regulations. The procedures described below will be followed in case your child is referred to the office by a bus driver. (High school students will be referred to Denison Administration.)

  • 1st Referral in a Quarter: Talk with Principal Johnson and appropriate discipline will be issued.
  • 2nd Referral in a Quarter: Meet with Principal Johnson and parental notification. Appropriate discipline will be issued and a discussion will be held regarding what will happen on a third referral.
  • 3rd Referral in a Quarter: Mandatory meeting with parents, student, bus driver, and Principal Johnson. At that time a corrective plan of action will be made by the members present, and what will happen if another referral occurs.

We sincerely hope you will cooperate with us in helping make our buses safe for all passengers.

Bus Regulations

  1. The bus driver is in charge of the students and the bus. Students must obey the driver at all times. Drivers will inform the students of the rules and will enforce those rules.
  2. Students must be on time. The bus cannot wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy.
  3. Students should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  4. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.
  5. Passengers must remain seated at all times while the bus is moving.
  6. Students must not, at any time extend arms, legs, or head out of the bus window.
  7. Students must not try to get on or off the bus or move about within the bus while it is in motion. They are instructed to remain in their seats until their destination is reached.
  8. Any damage to the bus by a student will be paid for by the student.
  9. Students must observe the instructions of the driver when leaving the bus.

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